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Southern University Baton Rouge announces launch of new online degree program - Monday, August 26, 2013

Southern University Baton Rouge (SUBR) and Education Online Services Corporation (EOServe Corp.) recently announced the launch of a bachelor of science in computer science online degree program.

The bachelor of science degree in computer science is designed to provide graduates with a strong foundation in computer science and related disciplines. The curriculum encourages students to become knowledgeable of cutting-edge techniques and practices. Students will learn the requisite core skills and theoretical foundations that have historically driven computer science. Graduates of the bachelor of science program on campus have been successful in pursuing careers in research and application-oriented positions in business, industry, government, and education. Students are exposed to a broad range of fundamental concepts in such areas as software engineering, computer organization, database systems, management information systems and operating systems, as well as to a wide variety of computer applications. 

"We are extremely pleased that we are now in the position to launch multiple online program degrees on behalf of  Southern University Baton Rouge, and expedite the growth of the online programs at the University," stated Ezell Brown, chairman, Education Online Services Corporation.

"The B.S in computer science online degree program is yet another step in the continuing development and expansion of online degree programs. Southern University Baton Rouge and Education Online Services Corporation are launching programs that are relevant and continue to have significant market demand and real career opportunities," added Brown.

"Southern University Baton Rouge is pleased with the strategic launch of our online degree programs by EoServe. We expect our online degree programs to grow and expand exponentially. Our online student enrollment will grow steadily as we move forward with the vision and renewed mission of Southern University Baton Rouge," affirmed Michelle Hill, executive director of enrollment management, Southern University System.

For more information on the bachelor of science in computer science online degree, please visit: