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Animal science program to enhance meat goat industry - Wednesday, December 9, 2009
The SU Ag Center's animal science program in collaboration with four institutions, was awarded a three-year, $388,000.00 USDA AFRI integrated re-search project grant with $45,000 coming to the Center.

The project, “Enhanced economic benefits for meat goat producers through production, meat yield and palatability, and consumer information,” is a joint project of five institutions: LSU Ag Center, SU Ag Center, Angelo State University, Fort Valley State University, and Tuskegee University. The lead institution is LSU Ag Center.

The SU Ag Center research team members are researchers Fatemeh Malekian and Sebhatu Gebrelul, and research associate Janet Gager.    

This project will identify production practices and product traits at each segment of the meat goat industry that will increase the net economic benefits and productivity of meat goat producers.

The meat goat industry is the most rapidly growing livestock category in the U.S., but is highly unstructured compared to other livestock industries. Specific information is needed about each segment so that potential common market and product linkages can be identified and relative product values in each segment can be distinguished. The research will determine purchase and consumption patterns for goat meat through a national survey of consumers to evaluate live, carcass, and meat traits of kid and yearling goats representative of meat goats being marketed in the U.S. and to survey producers on production and marketing practices needed to increase net margins and productivity within the next five years.

This information will allow cohesion in communication and linking of product valuation among the production, processing, and retail market sectors. The multistate investigation will integrate research and outreach activities by using extension personnel to identify producers to answer additional questions about production and marketing after initial producer and consumer survey queries and analyses of animal and product characteristics have been conducted.  

Contact: Fatemeh Malekian, associate professor, SU Ag Center, (225) 771-2242 ext. 265, or


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