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SUSLA enrollment peaks. - Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Southern University, Shreveport released its spring 2009 enrollment numbers, boasting a little more than a 200-student increase from the previous year--the highest enrollment it has ever had in its 40-year history.


William Strother, director of the Office of University Communications at SUSLA, said the increase is due to the economic downturn. People are returning to school to get or update job skills.


“We also have programs that have employment opportunities,” he said. “If you offer those types of programs, all that does is make us more attractive to students in northwest Louisiana.”


With the 8.1 percent increase in students, including incoming freshman class and continuing education students, SUSLA is going through growing pains.

Parking at the main campus and the downtown campus is difficult. There are more students in classrooms and, of course, more on campus.

Strother said the school is looking into what it can do to relieve some of the growing pain problems like parking. The school acquired a lot across the street from the downtown campus to help. Although it make take time, faculty and staff know what is at stake.


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